Corrosion Control

Corrosion is the partial or complete wearing away, dissolving, or softening of any metal substance by chemical action. Corrosion can lead to countless environmental issues.

For example, ships, tankers and pipelines are often subject to the dangerous effects of corrosion. Corroded water systems can contaminate drinking water. These serve as threats to the environment and mankind, so effective corrosion control methods should be implemented to prevent the damaging effects of corrosion.

Corrosion can be controlled in several ways:

Cathodic Protection (CP)

This technology uses direct current to counteract corrosion in structures such as gas pipelines and storage tanks. This helps prevent the onset of corrosion and even stop it from worsening.

Linings and Coatings

These serve as the main tools for fighting corrosion. They are usually applied in combination with CP to achieve the highest level and most cost-effective corrosion protection.

Corrosion Inhibitors

These are substances that, when placed in a certain environment, reduce the corrosion rate of that environment for certain materials such as metal. These can extend the lifespan of equipment and prevent failures and system shutdowns. Corrosion inhibitors can also prevent heat transfer loss and contamination, and preserve the aesthetic appearance of the structures.

Advanced Blasting & Coating Solutions is your solution for the fight against corrosion and protecting your investment.

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