Media Blasting

By utilizing specially designed abrasives, such as plastic, baking soda, corn cob, walnut shells, and others, we are able to remove coatings from delicate materials such as aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber.

All without causing damage to the base material!

Plastic Media Blasting vs Sandblasting

Do not confuse the two. Sandblasting utilizes very sharp hard silica sand particles that are sprayed from a hose at a very high air pressure. This material and pressure can be damaging to any surface that it is used on unless the surface is rock, concrete, or brick. Plastic Media Blasting utilizes a similar set up, spraying plastic beads out of a pressured hose but at much lower pressures and with a much more soft media.

Cleaning quickly and economically, while remaining conscious of environmental and production regulations, the use of plastic media has the ability to clean rapidly without damaging surfaces. Intricate components and soft materials are not eroded with plastic media blasting. Additionally, plastic media consists of fully cured, non-toxic, thermoset compounds.

Looking for a quick and economical solution to your blasting needs? Let the experienced Advanced Blasting & Coating Solutions team get the job done right.

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